Routing Label

Supplies Network’s mpsSELECT™ Supply Routing Label* contains all the information necessary to easily route any supply item within the end-user’s environment. This label is placed on each supply item box on all automatically generated orders, and is in addition to the shipping label and box pick ticket. Each supply routing label has the device location, serial #, manufacturer model #, asset ID #, and user name as defined by you or your end-user at the time of set-up or last update. This specific information ensures direct delivery to the specific user or device inside the company. The label also provides an accurate accountability for supplies shipped for each device. *(US PAT. NO. 9,573,807)





  • The right consumable, to the right device, every time. No more wondering which supply is for which device.
  • Tracking supplies per device. There is a complete accountability and tracking of what supplies were sent and used by a specific device.
  • Delivery to the right user and device. Ease of distribution within a customer’s environment, especially large locations.