Supply Management

Supplies Network’s exclusive mpsSELECT™ Supply Management System automatically notifies you when a customer’s device, with supply reporting capabilities, needs consumables replenishment, and initiates the ordering and fulfillment process—through Supplies Network or other sources. Our exclusive algorithms analyze a set of variables to determine the days of consumables remaining—not general percentages of depletion which do not take into account usage patterns.

And, since the device is essentially ordering its own consumables, your end-user gets the right supply item at the right time, every time. Combined with our unique mpsSELECT™ Supply Routing Label, the package will be routed directly to the specific user or device within the company location. We are currently able to provide integration with eAutomate, DDMS®, Britannia, Red Cheetah and Net Results.



  • Automatic ordering eliminates mistakes. Say good-bye to the expense of handling returns.
  • Supplies BEFORE they are needed. The system virtually eliminates rush, overnight orders – and the costly emergency stock you once needed to meet those urgent orders.
  • You ALWAYS get the order. Your customers will no longer shop around for each supply purchase. And, since the notification comes to you automatically, administrative overhead required to manage and process orders is greatly reduced.
  • HIGHER PROFITS. Consumables make up 65% of your total MPS costs. Poor supply management can cost you most or all of your profit. We’ll help you eliminate over-shipments, reduce “shrinkage” at the customer’s site and manage this important cost component much more effectively and efficiently.