Service Monitoring

Supplies Network’s mpsSELECT™ Service Monitoring proactively notifies you when a device in your customer’s environment needs service. Our unique algorithm called 360° DATAbase analyzes a set of variables to determine which errors require immediate attention by your service team, which errors should be watched closely, and which errors can be cleared by your customer.

With Service Monitoring, you don’t have to sift through hundreds or even thousands of email notifications daily to figure out the true status of your customer’s fleet. We do it for you.



  • Know when a device truly needs attention. By analyzing and categorizing error definition at the individual device level, we can inform you of a device in need of repair— often before your customer is even aware it’s down.
  • Reduce your overhead. Because we are monitoring the environment, you don’t need personnel sifting through email alerts trying to figure out which ones to worry about.
  • Summarized reporting. We provide insightful reports monthly on your customers’ printer fleet for more efficient management and account communication.
  • You and your end-users can review tickets and knowledge base.