Service Desk

Supplies Network’s mpsSELECT™ Service Desk allows you to enjoy a “hands off” approach to servicing and managing printer fleets. Your customers have the ability to place service calls through our Service Desk staffed by certified technicians or initiate a service ticket via a web portal. We will conduct triage through a number of device-specific questions. If the call still needs on-site attention, we can dispatch through our proprietary network of certified technicians on a time and materials arrangement. Or, if you prefer, calls can be dispatched to your service organization directly for action. All calls and dispatches will be documented and reported back to you monthly. For an additional benefit, see mpsSELECT™ Service Monitoring that proactively notifies you or our Service Desk directly when a device in your customer’s environment needs service.



  • One toll-free number for end-users to call to report any service issues. Asset ID labels with toll-free number provided. No fixed costs.
  • Triage steps to solve issues and minimize on-site service repairs and end-user downtime.
  • Flexible set-up for any combination of dispatch services needed. For instance, you may cover repair for your region.
  • Access to our proprietary system of service providers for onsite repair of devices under Time & Material Billing.
  • Monthly Reporting on all call types, actions to resolve the issue and customer satisfaction results.