cost-per-image Service

Supplies Network’s mpsSELECT™ CPI Cost-Per-Image Service includes everything needed to bill clients by the image. This is an all-inclusive service that is made up of all supplies, both toner and non-toner, all mpsSELECT™ services and can be delivered with or without break/fix service and repair parts.

Our proprietary offering allows you access without any start-up cost or time-consuming calculations to understand your cost-per-image. Supplies Network assumes the risk on coverage, premature cartridge removal, product failures, repair parts, and service cost. You buy a wholesale image, apply your mark-up and know your margin.



  • Predictable known cost-per-image
  • Automatic shipments of supplies
  • Supply shipment history tied to each individual device
  • Automatic service intervention, as required
  • Stable margins
  • No slippage or coverage risk
  • Eliminates extensive calculations to arrive at image cost
  • Simplifies proposal development
  • Access to service status and knowledge base via